An attractive and functional website is a great asset and will work hard to generate more revenue for your business...

Invest in Your Business with a Professional Website

A website should be much more than just an online brochure for your business.

While a website is great for delivering information to your users, it also has the important job of bringing in more leads and generating more revenue. We understand that a great website is a vital tool and lays the foundation for all of your marketing strategies.

When you invest with us, we'll work with you to understand your business inside and out. We'll use this knowledge to build an amazing website that delivers on your goals and focuses on your needs.

We're here to make it easy to get your business online and be successful, our aim is to deliver a return on your investment...

A website adds value to your business, working online 24/7 whenever your customers are looking for you...

Generate more revenue and build brand awareness...

Enjoy fast and reliable website, powered by our top of the line infrastructure...

We take care of all software updates, run regular backups, keep your site secure and sort out all ongoing maintenance...

Free domain (NZ or .com) for 12 months...*

Free SSL certificate for as long as you remain our customer...*

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We Do All the Heavy Lifting

We have the tools and expertise needed to deliver a website designed exactly to meet your needs...

7-Day Support

Our team is available 7 days a week to answer any support tickets that you send.

Custom Design

We'll build your site from the ground up to meet the needs of your business.

Completely Responsive

We'll code your website to adapt to any screen size and look good on any device.

eCommerce Capability

If you need to sell and take payments online then we'll set that up for you.

Reliable & Secure

We'll take every precaution and follow industry standards to protect your website & users.

Free SSL Security

We'll provide you with a free SSL certificate for life to protect your customers and reputation.*

Business Blog

If your business requires a blog then we'll set that up for you.

SEO Optimisation

We'll set your website up to play nicely with our mighty internet overload, Google.

Social Media Friendly

Your website will integrate with social media sites and look beautiful when shared.


We've already helped many small businesses from New Zealand and overseas, we can help you too...

"I'm totally blown away by the level of help and service that SMEspree delivers!

I've had some bad experiences in the past with other hosts, and I'm glad that I made the switch."

Carmilla J.

Auckland, New Zealand

"I couldn't have asked for more than this.

We've used SMEspree for the last five months. Thanks to this service we've just launched our 2nd website!"

John H.

Hamilton, New Zealand

"I really enjoy working with SMEspree. I ordered the Lite hosting plan and my account was set up immediately, and I was able to install WordPress in just a few clicks.

For me, the best thing is that once things are set up I don't need to do anything, it just works!"

Alan S.

Sydney, Australia

"The thing I like most is that I don't have to tinker around with technical stuff.

All I want to do is run my website and build my business, and SMEspree takes care of the technical stuff so I can focus on what matters to me."

Nicola C.

Cambridge, New Zealand

"I started off on the Lite plan and when things started getting busy I upgraded to the Power plan.

The fact that I was able to scale up my resources without any major drama is what really impresses me the most about the service."

Geoff B.

Christchurch, New Zealand


No more hassles or stress, we make getting a website super easy and stress-free...

Too much tech stuff & jargon?

We'll take care of that stuff for you! We'll set everything up so it just works, without you having to worry about any of the fine details.

Sick of missing out on online reveue?

We don't just want to make you a website. We want to give you a platform that will actively generate revenue for your business.

Not enough time to sort out a website?

Leave it to us! We'll put the hours in to build your website from the ground up, you won't have to do any heavy lifting.

Not sure where to start?

Start right here! We'll discuss your project needs and deliver a great end result, no need to think about how to connect the dots.

We Use a Simple & Easy Workflow

We make sure that working with us is super easy. Here's a basic overview of our workflow and how you can expect a typical project to progress...

1) Initial Conversations

The first step is getting in touch with us. We'll have some discussions about your current situation, what your business is all about and what you need in a website. These conversations will also help us find out if we're a good fit for each other (we want a mutually beneficial relationship after all).

2) Contractual Agreement

Once we're both happy to work together and move forward we'll draw up some paperwork which both parties need to sign. The contract is simple and easy to understand.

3) Payment

We usually ask for 50% up front and 50% upon project completion (once your website is ready, but prior to going live to the public). We understand that budgets can be delicate, so we're open to some flexibility regarding payment arrangements.

[Week 1] Work Begins

We ask you to fill out some easy forms that we use to refer to moving forward. These forms help us gather specific information about what style of website you want, particular features you need, and generally give us all the information we require so that we can build the website of your dreams.

[Week 2] Website Draft Completed

We take your vision and information from previous discussions and use it to design and build your website. While this is going on behind the scenes we direct any visitors to an eye-catching "coming soon" page. 

[Week 3] First Round of Revisions

Once the core elements are in place we'll show you our work so far and you can provide direction on what changes/tweaks you'd like to see. We continue working on your site and incorporate changes based on your feedback.

[Week 4] Second Round of Revisions

Work continues and you can make another round of revisions if required. Even at these later stages there's still a lot of work going on behind the scenes outside of tasks related to your feedback.

[Week 5] Final Touches & Testing

We make any final changes based on your feedback and begin the testing process. Testing involves insuring that your website looks great on a wide range of devices (such as mobiles, tables, laptops and desktops). We also test it using a range of different browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc. 

[Week 6] Website Launch

Everything is looking good and working as intended. You're happy. We're happy. It's time to release your website into the wild. At this stage (once it's live) you'll be asked to begin paying your monthly hosting and maintenance fee. This covers everything that goes on behind the scenes to keep your site running smoothly including regular website backups, security monitoring, ongoing maintenance, and other tedious tasks you'd rather not deal with.

[Relax] We're Here for the Long Run

Once your site is up and running, we keep an eye on it every single day. We make sure that all ongoing maintenance tasks are completed, we make sure that it remains secure from bad guys, we make sure it runs smoothly and remains stable, and we'll run regular full backups of your website. It's all part of our amazing service!

That's basically the process in a nutshell. Keep in mind that these time-frames act as a guide only. Each project is different, with different requirements and varying complexity.

We're open to discussing this process within the context of your website needs, please get in touch if you'd like to talk about this.

Working with Us Has Many Benefits

We'll deliver everything that you would expect of a modern website, plus we go the extra mile when it comes to adding value in the long run...

  • Unlimited Pages

    Get as many pages as you business needs, including all of the typical pages you expect such as Home, About Us, Contact Us, etc.

  • Unlimited Email Accounts

    Have a number of different business activities, departments or staff? You can have as many business email accounts as you need, plus you can link them to your mobile to keep connected on the go.

  • 100% Responsive

    Look good on any device! Your website will be 100% responsive, meaning that it will automatically scale and display nicely on any device (mobiles, tablets and desktops of all sizes).

  • Free SSL Certificate

    We'll save you money by offering to cover the costs for an SSL certificate for your first 12 months. An SSL certificate for your website ensures that all data that passes between your website and your user is encrypted, keeping their sensitive information protected.*

  • Complete Technical Support

    We never leave - once your website is live and running we're still here to keep an eye on things. If something breaks then we'll fix it, end of story.

  • Secure & Reliable

    You don't have to worry about security issues at all. Security and reliability are always key considerations for every build that we complete, plus we monitor your site in real-time so that we can quickly respond to any issues that may arise.

  • Ongoing Maintenance

    We are 100% responsible for the ongoing maintenance of your website. Software for websites is updated all the time (just like all software in general), and therefore it's essential to stay on top of ongoing maintenance tasks. We' do all of this for you, you never have to think about it.

  • Site Backups

    We'll complete regular backups of you entire website and store them securely. This ensures that in the unlikely event that someone does go wrong, we always have a working backup of your website that we can revert back to.

  • eCommerce Available

    If required, we'll build you a fully-functioning online shop capable of process online payments securely via credit card and/or debit card. We can integrate with all of the major payment gateways such as PayPal, eWay, Stripe, etc.

  • Blogging Available

    Is having a blog important for your business? We can set this up for you.

  • SEO and Google Integration

    We integrate your website with our mighty internet overlords, Google. We follow industry best practices to ensure that Google is able to scan your website, understand the content on it, and therefore include your website in search results.

  • Google Analytics

    Full Google Analytics integration is included, meaning that you have access to all of your visitor statistics. 

  • Social Media Integration

    Your website will have full integration with leading social media platforms including Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc. This means that content is easily shareable on these networks and is presented nicely when shared. 

  • Facebook Pixel

    Is Facebook advertising a part of your marketing strategy? We'll insert the Facebook pixel into your website for ad tracking and analytics.

  • MailChimp Integration

    We make it easy to grow your mail list. If you need to capture visitor emails and sign them up to your newsletter then we can set this up for you.

  • Solid CMS

    CMS stands for Content Management System, it's fancy-speak for having an administrator area behind the website that only you (and anyone else you nominate) has access to.

  • White Labelled

    Have you noticed that many small business websites have a note in the footer that reads something like 'Website made by Donkey Web Design'? Well, we think that's super cheesy and we would never do that.


The best part is that we're your online expert, we'll keep you up and running...

We'll Give You Free Technical Support

One minute things are working fine, but sometimes even a small change can impact and break another seemingly unrelated part of your website.

In the event that anything breaks then we'll sort it out for you. Free technical support is just one more bonus for being our client.

We'll Take Care of Security

Rest easy knowing that our expert team has strict security systems in place. All websites we build are designed from the ground up with security in mind.

Not only do we use industry best practices when building your website, once it's live we'll monitor your website in real-time. We'll watch your site 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We take every measure to ensure that your website remains protected.

We'll Take Care of Maintenance

What most developers don't mention is that websites, just like any software, need regular updates.

Let our expert team take this hassle off your hands - we'll keep your website looking and functioning spick and span!

We'll regularly review your website and tend to all maintenance, including updating software as required and cleaning up junk files that accumulate over time.

We'll Regularly Backup Your Website

No matter what precautions website administrators take, there is always some element of risk involved.

We have great systems in place committed to running regular backups of all your website data and files.

We'll store these backups off-site in a secure cloud server.

This ensures that we have a solid contingency plan in place, so that in the rare event that something does go wrong we can roll-back to backed up data.

Have design & development questions?

Whether you need help or just some tips on where to start, get in touch with us - we're here to help.

Common Questions About SMEspree Web Design

We're here to help your business succeed online. If you have questions that aren't addressed here please get in touch with us...