Premium SSL certificates to meet a range of business requirements..

Security Is Important

As of 2018 websites missing a SSL certificate are penalized in Google search rankings.

Increase User Trust

Websites that are secured via SSL are perceived as more trustworthy by users.

Pro tip: we already provide FREE SSL certificates to all of our customers.

We recommend you only purchase a premium SSL certificate if you have specific security requirements that you need to fulfil.

SSL Certificate Pricing

Make sure your website is fostering user trust, we have SSL's available for 1 - 2 year periods provided by Trustwave, a leading website security firm.

SSL TypeProtected ForPriceWarranty
Trustwave Domain Validated1 Year$59.90 NZD$10,000 USD
Trustwave Domain Validated2 Years$109.90 NZD$10,000 USD

Honest opinion - unless you've been advised by a lawyer or trusted professional, then you probably don't need to buy one of the above SSL certificates. Our free SSL certificate will suit most small businesses just fine.

Make sure your website is meeting industry best practice!

Our SSL certificates are specifically suited to small business websites, get your website secured now...