• Quickly build your own website and get your business online without breaking the bank.
  • Launch your website using our powerful hosting infrastructure and with the help of our expert team.
  • Pick the right tool for the job, we offer a range of options to pick from.

Get Your Business Online Quickly With Our Range of Easy DIY Website Tools

No Coding Needed

Easily build your website using a range of visual drag-and-drop tools. No coding required!

Budget Friendly

We provide very cost-effective solutions so you can get online without breaking the bank.

Help Available

Our expert NZ-based team is passionate about websites and we're here to provide helpful tips to steer you in the right direction.

We offer a range of easy DIY website tools, with more planned to arrive in the future. Let's cover the options below...

Build Your Website Using WordPress

WordPress is the worlds most popular CMS (content management system), and for good reasons...

Easy DIY Website Tools

WordPress is best for:

  • Businesses that expect to keep adding to their website over time (adding more pages, information, articles, etc).
  • Businesses that require eCommerce functionality, or other advanced functionality.
  • Businesses that want an option that's widely used and supported by 3rd party expertise (for example, designers, developers, etc love working with WordPress).

WordPress Quickly Explained

  • WordPress has great drag-and-drop page building options, making it easy to build beautiful websites.
  • Choose from thousands of themes and plugins to easily achieve the design and functionality you require.
  • The WordPress software is free to use (though paid themes and plugins are available too), all you need is a web hosting account to get started.
  • We're massive fans of WordPress - if you need any help or advice then just ask our expert team. We'll point you in the right direction!
  • Take advantage of our free WordPress setup, which also includes the setup of your free business email.

Build Your Website Using Mobirise

Mobirise is a free website building program that can be installed on any Windows or Mac computer...

Easy DIY Website Tools

Mobirise is best for:

  • Businesses that simply want a basic brochure website and don't require any advanced functionality (eCommerce, etc).
  • Businesses that expect any website updates to be infrequent or not happen very often.
  • Businesses that want a "set and forget" website.

Mobirise Quickly Explained

  • Download Mobirise and build your website locally on your computer (ie, it's not saved online until you're ready to publish).
  • Choose from beautiful pre-built content blocks and drag them into your page as required.
  • Includes a simple drag-and-drop system with the ability to make changes to individual content blocks.
  • When you're ready to publish, Mobirise will push your website directly to your web hosting account via FTP (don't worry, our support team can help with this).

Combine These Easy DIY Website Tools With Reliable Business Web Hosting

These easy DIY website tools can be combined our web hosting packages.

Get started for $9.90/m and enjoy:

  • A free domain for 12 months without any cheeky price-hiked renewal fees,*
  • Free matching business email accounts
  • Free ongoing SSL security certificates.
  • Free high-performance SSD drives.
  • Reliable and fast hosting infrastructure.
  • 7-day support from our NZ team.