• VPS server with private resources and 100% managed by our expert team.
  • Built to perform with multiple caching layers and optimised infrastructure.
  • Be where your clients are, with 15 different available locations around the globe.

High Performing Managed Private Servers for Your WordPress/PHP Application

It's time to make your website fly!

A hands-off service that facilitates simplicity, choice and ultra performance - all backed by our expert management and support.

Enjoy dedicated infrastructure without having to spend money on in-house server administrators and in-house server hardware.

Ultra Performance

We'll set up a high-performance server stack, including advanced caching.

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Location Choice

15 different server locations from around the world to run your website.

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Secure Platform

Regular software & firmware updates, backed by a tough firewall.

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100% Managed

Complete setup & management by our team; your website with our expertise.

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"I'm so glad I switched over from my old provider! Things have been smooth sailing and my website is so much faster. It just feels great knowing that my site has its own private server!"

Rodney H.

Auckland, New Zealand

"I admit that I was hesitant at first, this website stuff is all a blur to me and I find it hard to really figure out what's worthwhile and what isn't. After struggling with constant performance issues and my site going offline for no reason, I finally dumped my old provider and invested more into my server costs with SMEspree and a VPS 1000 private server. I honestly wish I had done it a lot sooner!"

Lara F.

Wellington, New Zealand

"I spent ages researching and trying to figure out what I needed to move my eCommerce website up to the next level. I'm so glad I found this service, and the best part is that my server is located exactly where my customers are!"

Samantha A.

Sydney, Australia

"I had a falling out with my old website guy over a disagreement regarding some software he wrote for me. He threatened to remove my website from his server, so I to quickly find a new home. Things have been great since moving to the VPS 1000 plan with SMEspree!"

Mike R.

Hamilton, New Zealand

"I have 2 websites (one for NZ and one for Australian customers) running on one of the VPS 1000 plans. My websites are always quick for my customers and there is never any downtime - I can wholeheartedly recommend this service!"

Ashley T.

Hamilton, New Zealand

Managed VPS 1000

$99.90 NZD/month

  • 1x dedicated CPU
  • 1GB dedicated memory
  • 25GB storage
  • 1TB bandwidthº

Managed VPS 2000

$199.90 NZD/month

  • 2x dedicated CPU
  • 4GB dedicated memory
  • 80GB storage
  • 3TB bandwidthº

Managed VPS 3000

$299.90 NZD/month

  • 4x dedicated CPU
  • 8GB dedicated memory
  • 160GB storage
  • 4TB bandwidthº

Managed VPS 4000

$399.90 NZD/month

  • 6x dedicated CPU
  • 16GB dedicated memory
  • 320GB storage
  • 5TB bandwidthº

º Additional bandwidth is charged at $0.04 to $0.10 per GB depending on data centre region.

Included With Every Plan

  • Free domain for 12 months*
  • Choice of 15 geographical server locations
  • Hourly automatic server backups
  • HTTP/2 supported servers
  • Free SSL certificates*
  • Dedicated resources and environment
  • Built in firewall & security
  • PHP7.3 ready
  • Free SSD drives
  • Built in Varnish cache and Memcache
  • 100% managed by our expert team
  • MariaDB

Choice of 15 Geographical Server Locations

We can position your website in a server that's geographically close to your target userbase...

Be Close to Your Target Market

Launch your website wherever your key userbase is.

Closer server location results in lower latency, in turn making it faster for your visitors to download your website resources (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc).

Have a widely dispersed userbase? No problem, we can set up a CDN service for you!

Asia Pacific

  • Sydney
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo


  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Paris
  • Frankfurt

North America

  • Seattle
  • Silicon Valley
  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • New York

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Make use of our world-class infrastructure and watch your website perform like never before...

Performance Features in More Detail

We deliver a unique server stack with specifically tuned services, assuring high-speed performance...

Dedicated Environment

All servers are issued dedicated resources. This is a huge advantage over shared hosting as you have guaranteed access to system resources, allowing maximum website performance.

SSD-Based Hosting

All of your files and databases are hosted on high-performance SSD drives, reducing response time and drastically improving load times.

Advanced Optimisations

We provide an optimised performance-orientated server stack with ready to go caches, including Varnish Cache and Memcache built on NGINX behind Apache.

PHP 7.X Ready

We've rolled out PHP 7.X on all servers, paving the way for significantly faster websites than previous PHP versions.

Pre-Configured PHP-FPM

PHP-FPM dramatically speeds up website response and load times due to much faster PHP processes.

HTTP2 Support Included

HTTP2 improves communication speeds between your visitors and your website, allowing users to download multiple website assets simultaneously.

Auto-Healing Servers

You don't have to worry about any system processes or software crashing. In the event of a process crash, the server will automatically restart that process so your site remains online.

Combine with a CDN

Pair your server with a global CDN network (we recommend Cloudflare) to provide your static assets to users from a close geographical position. We're happy to assist you with this!

Configured for PHP

Our setup is built specifically for WordPress and other popular PHP applications. Get crazy performance and reliability for WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, OpenCart, PrestaShop and custom PHP apps.

Security Features in More Detail

We proactively take steps to keep your server and website safe & secure...

Dedicated Firewalls

All servers are protected by dedicated OS-level firewalls that filter our malicious traffic and keep intruders out.

Free SSL Certificates

We offer free domain validated SSL certificates for as long as you remain our client. Fulfil all of your HTTPS requirements for no extra cost.

Security Patching

We perform regular server patches and maintenance (all without downtime too). This ensures that your server runs up-to-date software free of known exploits.

IP Whitelisting

Create a whitelist of IP addresses, making it easy to collaborate with specific networks & teams with unrestricted access to SSH and SFTP.

Locked Down

We limit access to sensitive features such as SFPT and SSH by default. If you or your team need access then we create unique independent accounts as required.

Reverse Proxy-Friendly

If desired, we can easily configure a reverse proxy to protect the IP address of your server. We recommend Cloudflare for this service.

What It Means to Be Managed

We'll manage a private dedicated server for you so that you can focus on your website and business...

Use our managed VPS servers to power your website!

We take care of your private web infrastructure to ensure that things run quickly and reliably, so you can focus on your website and core business tasks...