Kia Ora & Hello! We offer web hosting and design services to small business owners. We're based in New Zealand though most of our customers reside across New Zealand, Australia, the USA and the UK...

About Us

We have a small and dedicated team. We don't use No. 8 wire, but we live up to the NZ reputation of getting stuck in and delivering innovation and quality.

We've been working in the industry since 2017 and we continue to deliver exceptional value and service to many businesses from New Zealand and around the world (mostly to NZ, Australia, the USA and the UK).

Enjoy Some Kiwi Ingenuity

Since 2017 we've focused on providing web services and tools specifically catering to small & medium business owners.

Our ideal clients are small business owners who need to get their business online but aren't sure about how to do so. Often we'll work with a lot of:

  • Husband-and-wife teams, who are often building their family business while juggling other employment and children at home.
  • Self-employed people, such as tradies and contractors who need a professional online presence to generate leads.
  • Bloggers, who are always seeking to grow their audience and publish high-quality content.
  • eCommerce launches, we support people starting online eCommerce stores to easily and safely process orders online.
  • People who need DIY website help and assistance.

We spend most of our time working on our web hosting infrastructure to ensure that our customers have access to great tools to build their own websites easily and without fuss.

A smaller portion of our customers also take advantage of our design offers, which cater to providing a "helping hand up" rather than a full-blown design service that costs thousands.

Cutting Edge Server Technology Powering Small Business

Hundreds of businesses from NZ and around the world enjoy our reliable, fast and responsive server technology...


GB of data flows through our infrastructure every month.

More than

websites from NZ and around the world are powered by our services.

Storing over

GB of data across hundreds of client accounts.

Our Vision

"To help small businesses grow and succeed online."

We're Here to Help

If you need help getting your business online then get in touch, we'd love to chat about your situation!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small business owners who are struggling to get their business online.

We will provide high quality and affordable website services catering to the needs of each individual client.

We will appreciate the unique business and situation each client has, and we’ll provide a solution relevant to their needs.

We will be a client’s first point of contact when they’re in need of help or advice regarding doing business online. We will go above and beyond for each project.

We’re here to help.

Simple & Ethical Values

We believe that being successful in small business has 6 key ingredients, which we strive to bring though into our own daily workflows...


We're open, honest and accountable.


We're understanding and consider things from other viewpoints.


We show courage, resolve and strength of character.


We’re happy to talk about anything and give our advice.


We’re here to make it easier to do business online.


We’re always seeking to do things better and create new ways of helping.

How can we help you?

We'd love to talk to you about your business, get in touch with us for a chat.